The Storyline:

Outlanders basically is what it says on the tin. It is where there are four, three or two different clans outside of a main position like a city (almost like rebels). The person who joins will have a choice whether he is an outlander or a law-bider (This may be permanent or possible to change I haven’t decided yet). The clans can carry out attacks on the city and try and control it whereas the law-bider can raid the rebels houses and try and arrest the rebels. Within each team - law-bider and outlanders - there will be people like gun suppliers, food salesmen and general store etc.

Dev team:

I am going to play a roll in this piece of work and will provide the server(s) but it looks likely that im going to need some help so im looking for:

Extra Lua coders
Possibly (It isnt needed but…) Modellers

I’m hoping to release this to the public after a lot of beta tests. I am interested in hearing feedback (obviously not ranting noobs) and hope for some applications for the dev team.

Many Thanks

Slash (Da Reaper)

P.S Watch this space!

Radbox is something like this.