Outlands (Tron model testing)

So, I’ve been working on a joint project with a friend of mine, and we’ve been hard at work porting models from Tron: Evolution to the Source engine.

I’m a pretty bad poser, but I had a go.

Basically a fight between a program and a member of the Black Guard. (Something along the lines of a Combine Elite, in terms of rank)

Nice job. Did you also reskin the male citizen?

Does it have fingerposing yet?
Cause in the first pic, it looks like either he doesn’t,
or you didn’t pose the fingers.
Not trying to be mean,
just curious.

Indeed I did, the male citizen is an emulation of the citizens from Tron: Evolution, we aren’t porting the actual bodies of the citizens just yet.

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Yes, they both have finger posing, but I didn’t use it on the blackguard as it’s finicky sometimes.