Outlast 2 Demo Models - Extracting?

Has anybody managed to extract models from the Outlast 2 Demo yet?

I managed to extract the sounds but when I try to load an outlast 2 package with umodel, it gives me this error

FCompressedChunkHeader<<:pos=F24D4 <- FUE3ArchiveReader::PrepareBuffer <- FUE3ArchiveReader::Serialize <- FArchive::ByteOrderSerialize <- FString<< <- Name:0 <- UnPackage::LoadNameTable <- UnPackage::UnPackage:OLGame/CookedPCConsole/School-09_Art.upk, ver=882/51, game=8000 <- UnPackage::LoadPackage:OLGame/CookedPCConsole/School-09_Art.upk <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main:umodel_version=443

and closes. do you guys have somehow managed to rip the models or what?

Hi. How did you extract the sounds and what software used? Please tell.

I used ravioli game tools to extract the sounds
it’s a nice tool to be honest

Thanks for the reply mate. I tried to extract the files using Gildor`s Tools but without successful. I hope you can find help.

You can use Ninja Ripper.