Outlast 2013 Models

hey i was wondering if someone can extract the models from Outlast 2013 game on PC ? the models look really awesome ! ! ! thanks in advance !
and by the way its a Horror game and it contains a High quality Models i’ll love to get my hands on the models.

Doing it. uploading momentarily.

WOW thank you so much.
i guess that you’re using Ninja Ripper ?

No im not, Outlast is been used By Unreal Tournament 2013?
I Used UModel to rip them. got the guy that calls u “Little Pig…” It sucks working on them. sence some bones are not being used.

ohh i forgot about Umodel.
the bones are not a problem I can rig them myself i just need the models :slight_smile:

Allright, ill upload the most recent Characters I have.

http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/c2fe/j2hk4s7gqwgth556g.jpg CLICK PICTURES TO DOWNLOAD

that’s amazing isaa1 many thanks.

issa1 :
i have a textures problem with big monster i load him in 3ds max 2010
where did you open big monster ?

Hmm? can I see a picture? You mean that he’s White?
You need to set the path to the textures. (If that’s the Proplem) -isaa1

no i just need to know where did you open the models ?
in 3DS max ?

Yes in 3DS MAX. (2012)

ohh thanks.
3DS max 2010 is full of Bugs and errors :slight_smile:


so any new models latley ?

Working on that. finding models. I have the Priest, Monster Guy, And a Few Psychos.

i made the big monster guy for gmod (Apperintly I fucked up on the textures… but I got the body, Pants , And Legs textures. ONLY WORKING FOR SFM.)


Still has lots of work to be done. like getting animations & Fixing his damn eyes. but he’s fine. ill give u guys links when im done. (getting help from Half-Dead.)

Wait can animations be extracted ?

All animations. But currently im doing some work so I can install outlast (Not like being good or shit. cleaning the shit outa my computer.) then ill export.

Yeah that’s more like it thanks for the hard work .

wow, that shit looks way scarier than the amnesia monster