Outlaw Engineer


This is beautiful.

“Nope.” - Engineer

In all seriousness, that’s a very good job at shading there. The collar area does look a little weird with the grey thing.

Love it. 'Nuff said.

Posing and angle are great as usual. Face posing and finger posing are spot on (as usual). The way the trenchcoat/duster came out is outstanding, especially when comparing it to the W.I.P. The dust at the bottom could use a bit of work, looks too uniform and like a gradient.

Awesome work Enhanced!

amazing picture. My only gripe was his little holster that he has on his belt. I just dont like that way it was deflated and clipping with his belt. Also finger clipping on FaN’s trigger holder.

Why does it look like a GTA promo.

Not much to improve there, exept of the finger clipping trough.

Nice work.

Jacket looks a wee bit odd in some places, but overall you did a pretty good job.


Very awesome.

I solve practical problems.

Great work.

You should make the gun longer!

did you photoshop the trenchcoat or is it a custom model?
either way,do want!

this looks shopped, you can see the shape of the clothes bihind the coat. :wink:


Very nice work, as usual.

Awesome idea, well executed with good editing, posing and camera-angle.

his right hand’s pointer finger is clipping, although that’s the only thing bugging me

Edited your image into Spy Fiction style art.


^Great job hijacking this thread.

Fixed. No need to thank me.