Outlaw hunters.

they are many, they have a huge arsenal, the have experince. but all this isnt enough to catch ONE man.

i see your copying my ideas a little bit…but in your own kinda way…its nice just use a differnt font

Absolutely superb posing on the sniper.

just noticed i should have tweaked the ammobelt on the medic abit more.

its great that youre able to see that you spent a lot of time on the posing

Ohhh i like steampunk!

well heres a outlaw if it counts

  • rate whatever you want on this, everyone here are adults.

the font makes me want to comit suicide :emo:

Who’s font?

the font you chose

I wanted it to be fancy.

i dont think steampunks would have used some fairy font…

just saying…

awesome posing!

Group photo.

+some improvements.

Hmmm I just a picture in my head of Mr.Claw fighting these guys

according to my calculations he would be steamrolled.

see what i did there? :smiley:

excuse me are you 12


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Yes I did