OUTLAW STAR - Melfina's Head


So I’ve decided that I’d try my hand at modeling myself and I’m going to attempt to re-create Melfina’s head as of right now (not going for a full body). I’ve been looking at some tutorials on deviantART and on YouTube and I’m stuck as to how I can get the shape of the head first.

If anyone has any advice or can help me out getting to the next step, let me know what I need to do (part of the problem is that when I right click on Blender, nothing happens and I don’t have numpad keys on my laptop’s keyboard).

go user preferences and find and click input tab at the top then look down the left side for emulate number pad this is for lap tops and activate the box next to it and the numbers at the top of your laptop now represent the number pad . there is also emulate 3 button mouse and select with option for the mouse witch could be influencing your mouse click. I cant guaranty this will help because blender can be a bit technical and I have not explored that much of it my self

your reference is uneven and will be hard to model to, also just so you know, heads are the hardest part of a organic mesh to model, but if you really wanna start with it, there are a few methods to it. 1 start with a circle shape it how you need, 2 start with a plane and extrude to get your face shape. and finale which is what most every modeler does these days, just sculpt it in mudbox/zbrush/ sculptris. cause modeling it by hand is very hard, and sculpting will get the best results.

Thanks to both bloodwail and plasmid for the tips and what I need to do when I got no Numpad and solving an issue that when I right click, nothing happens. I had to re-draw the reference by hand so I know it’s uneven, but I’m making do with what I got right now. I do have other references on hand that can help me see this through and if I need any help I’ll come to you guys.

EDIT: Here’s the tutorial I found on deviantART that I’m using as some reference for the head model.
Modeling an Anime Face Part 1
Modeling an Anime Face Part 2