OutlawSix - RainbowSix Siege Inspired Gamemode ( WIP )

Hey, so for a while now I’ve been working on a gamemode called OutlawSix for Garry’s Mod. The gamemode will kinda be like Rainbow Six Siege, at least very inspired by it as you will see.

How is it like the game?
It is a TDM that will have a series of different objectives such as disarm a bomb or hack some sort of computer. It will have most if not all of the operators in the game with similar gadgets and weapons.

What makes it different from the game?
The rounds will be longer than in the game. There will be no attacker/defenders only operators, you can choose any operator and there’s no limit to how many there can be at once. It will also have a few extra things that the real game doesn’t have.

Planned Features:

  • Loadout system
  • Class system DONE
  • Objectives DONE
  • Levels DONE
  • Perks
  • Currency DONE
  • Rounds
  • Different gamemodes
  • Squad system

This gamemode will have a shop, but it’s not a pay to win type of gamemode. You will only be able to buy currency packs and premium. Premium will only give you earlier access to new operators and give you a renown boost. Everything you can buy you can earn legit by playing.

And here’s some images of what’s really worth showing for now:
The operator tab:

The start tab:

The shop tab:

Q: Will anyone be able to get it?
A: As planned currently, only my community will run it.

Q: When will it launch?
A: We will host a beta test server pretty soon

The UI looks fantastic, but when can we see some of the gameplay elements? I don’t think I’ve ever seen rappelling/grappling done well in Garry’s Mod.

Hopefully sooner than later.

This seems so cool, I know I’m gonna love this #HYPED

So here’s a picture of the HUD I’m going for. It’s very simple but works for what it is. The red is health, green is level and the green circle shows how many % XP you have until next level and the yellow is the renown/currency. If you have armor a blue circle will appear over the red. I will add a HUD indicating what sort of objective is active and how much is left of it.

I know this is gonna be hard, but can you make a hud simmilar to the original?

I’m planning on adding a few different HUDs and then some sort of config to switch between them. And there I will try and add a hud that looks like the one from the game.

Is this done yet

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