Outline dframe

I want to create a derma panel that is invisible on the inside but has an inward-outline with a specific colour , not a material

kinda looks like this but invisible inside the panel:

how do I go on about this?

(not trying to create a hud)

You could change the gewnskin image but that would only really work for a solid colour with outline and not a detailed texture like in your picture.

as I said, I just want a solid color as the outline and no texture at all,
can you tell me more about this gewnskin stuff?

It’s a texture (Google is your friend)

I found a bunch of minecraft skins

If you have no intentions to do some research by yourself, then you shouldn’t ask help


Edit this file:


And use this


no need to be rude, I never heared of it before so I was obviously confused even when I found what I was looking for, I still dont know how I can use it, I cant find much documentation on the subject

Agreed there’s not much information about this available, was looking this up myself earlier today.

I’ve gotten the best results from looking at how gwen is used in the default skin;

Aside from that, i think you have to draw the 4 borders manually to leave the middle bit empty, rather than filling it in and looking for a way to clip it out (which i don’t think you can)