I’ve just started playing with G-Mod, this is my very first scene.




That traitor just shooted himself?! What a coward!
The isolation is pretty bad.


Posing is pretty stiff too.


He’s pointing like “you have been shot in the head by yourself”. That soldier needs to be rated informative.

The editing and posing are both horrible. Work on your posing before you start trying to edit, at least that way we don’t get both barrels of shit at once.

The Dude on the lefts feet are in the ground. And make sure you turn ur graphics up when ur shooting :slight_smile: makes it easier on the eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

The posing on the guys in the background is simply awful. Apart from that I thought the editing was quite good.

The car is at a bad angle.

One of the Guys is like WTF? and another one is leaning against an invisible wall.
also if you removed the gun that the traiter popped himself with, it would look like the other guy blew his head up with his finger :smiley:
apart from that its pretty niec

need shadows :open_mouth:

He shoots himself because 5 guys attack him??

What a wuss.

The worst is that he didnt managed to kill himself since the shoot when throw the cheek :v:

Wait, hes pulling the trigger with a flat hand? He can do magic!!!

Besides the un-realistic bullet holes(they were ok, but could use some work) I think it is great considering this is your first