My buddy from cnrust just messaged me, to help him to understand a message, I first though, this was a random Thread message. But then… it was a Support Ticket from playrust.eu
His Question was easy. He was asking, when Chinese Server will finally be online, or if its possible to cooperate with Facepunch and get a licensed Server, so the huge playerbase will be able to play with a better latency. Without having to play on cracked servers. Currently the usual latency is 300-400ms to snigapore. 250ms on a good day. 15-40ms on cracked servers.

In all respect, isn’t this a good move? Asking to get more players play legit? Yes it is. Good so far. However, she has more of a stereotype mind.

That must be some hard low wage labor over there at playrust.eu, that you get so fucking frustrated, that you insult your costumer. What she didnt know, that we do rent some servers there. Not for long.

That’s… actually kind of fucked up.

I really want to think that this is faked somehow, but I don’t know why someone (you) would do that.
I also want to think that there could have been some translation issue buuuuut I don’t think something like that translates any different lol. Pretty much any time you say that “Asian people” (or black people, or white people) are one thing or another, you’d better make sure that you aren’t saying it at work. Blanket generalizations like that are not cool.

Well this probably won’t be good for them lol.

I can’t explain how deeply insulted I am. I am not chinese, I am actually german, but I live in China with my wife and our child, both of them chinese. To get discriminated by some company, for a simple question is really fucked up.
I strongly advise against using their services. Not only that their support is highly racist, their servers and normal support arent any good eather.

So long, have a nice day folks, just want to share this.

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Thank you for your Kind words Sievers

Dude you should really contact them and send that screenshot or any other logs you have.

I’m thinking of sending something myself because that’s messed up, she should get fired for saying something like that.

And I’m not even asian! :zoid:

I tried to call them. But I think someone of them is reading these forums. And he will post a comment here. a.) he will apologize here b.) start a shitstorm against asians and how they copy everything

I just want to say “waw”, I am really sorry that people are so small minded. To call an entire culture thieves is shocking!

And…is she right?

So according to her, almost 60% of the worlds population are thieves :tinfoil:

Right of what? That all Asians are stealing? I don’t know, but last time I checked, my money is still in my pocket, noone stole it.

Even worse that she is german, myself I am and have traveled in other countries, like in Colombia people I met there still asociated germans with “Nazis”, and being far away from that, this is molesting.
She somehow is confirming prejudices on both sides.
Hopefully this was a fake…

It’s not right, in any case.

I hope she’s fired and replaced by someone who is Asian.

That would be perfect.

I have now access to the Support site. My friend doesnt understand much of it anyway. I have replied to this ticket. Because she is german, she should know consequences of such behavior.

Lol that is messed up


Wow computer22 is still as shit as ever at running a fucking pseudo business.

FYI I am willing to bet money that’s not actually a chick

Interesting, but why not post the actual message she was responding to? You didn’t give any context as to the pictures she was referring to as being stolen, and admit to playing on cracked servers (Don’t really blame you for that though, Garry has chosen the absolute worst server companies possible for us paying customers/supporters of his game, and this is just another example of that).

That’s just an absurd! This assistant must be fired… at least!

Pardon me? I do not play on cracked servers, I have rented servers myself. Same as the owner of cnrust. I dont know of which picture she is talking, since I dont know their wiki.
She was refering to the message:

He basicly wants to say that many people on the forums and in the chat groups complain about the ping. Therefore many of those have switched from official to cracked servers. So he was looking to get a license to host chinese server.
He didn’t know it was the wrong place to ask for it (playrust.eu/playrust.com). He had good intentions.

A little update here:
German Hoeffner
Chief Information Officer replied to me:

Well that wont do it, they didnt even apologize.
Wasnt Garry himself associated with playrust.eu or did I get wrong informations?

They did apologize:
wir distanzieren uns hiermit ausdrücklich von Aussagen seitens Fr. Menzel. Disziplinarische Maßnahmen unsererseits wurden eingeleitet:

Bad google translation:
we dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from statements by Ms. Menzel. Disciplinary action on our part have been initiated.

Apologize with: we have nothing to do with her and we will punish her, isnt honest. They only want to save their asses from any legal actions against them. However, the damage was already done by one of their support staff. It’s their responsibility.