Outsourcing a 32 slots server

The offer is canceled. We’ve found an other more successful option. So please lock this topic!

Hello. I’m currently writing an advertisement for Quality Quaestor’s 32 slots server.

Quality Quaestors is a professional and serious community with commitment to quality of any form. We’ve been around for quite some time and we’ve been a very active community from time to time as well. Though, lately we’ve been very inactive and our server is now a days just empty. All our attempts to get the server active have failed, and that’s because most of our members have stopped playing Garry’s Mod. Therefore, one could say we’ve become somewhat of a ghost community. Though, the community’s founder and nearest staff members are still very active, and the community’s finances are excellent.

The community of Quality Quaestors wish to outsource its 32 slots server to anybody willing to make the server more active. We’re Open Aura customers and we do both got HL2RP and Cider Two. Though we’re also interested in other gamemodes. “What ever makes the server active.” is basically what we wish to say.

So if you know and have the power and contacts to turn a 32 slots server into a popular and active place, we offer you our server. You will be rewarded with super administrator access and will be able to promote anybody you trust to admin. Basically you will have full administrative control over the community and the server. The founder of Quality Quaestors will still be responsible for the financing of the server and the community tools (like a website for example). We will still be able to administrate, though you will have the main responsibility.

If you accept this deal you will be given the following tools:
• Access to our 32 slots server with Fast Download URL.
• Access to our MySQL database.
• Access to our website.
• Access to our steam group.

If you accept this deal, you will be given the following responsibilities:
• Responsibility to keep the server active and popular.
• Responsibility to administrate and manage the server and the community.
• Responsibility to do all this in a professional, serious, mature, dedicated and skilled way.

If you wish to do all this together with some other people, you may do so. Though, max two persons (except the founder and his staff) may be super administrators. You can though, promote other people to usual administrators.

The person we seek must be able to fulfill the following criterion:

• The person must have had good experiences with administration and management.
• The person must be polite, social and nice.
• The person must be experienced with Garry’s Mod in general.
• The person must be able to spend a lot of time and dedication on the server and the community.
• The person must have got many contacts and ability to make the server active.
• The person must have a decent understanding of lua and MySQL databases. (This isn’t necessary, but definitely a +)
• The person must be a professional, serious, mature and committed person and administrator.

Community information
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/qualityq
Tag: ||QQ||
Hosting company: http://www.plugpayplay.com


If you wish to apply for the administration and management of the server, you must send in an application where you simply tell us a bit about yourself, what you wish to do to make the server active, and how you would manage it.

Thank you in advance and best regards
Quality Quaestors

So basically you want someone to do all the work for you, likely demoting the person who has done it after the server is popular? Pathetic.

I though QQ was dead since a long time.

I should start “outsourcing” you my coursework.
It’s the same idea. I have the tools to provide (paper, pen and calculator) and you do all the work for me

Yes because a 200$ Script, MySQL Base, Website & 32 Slot Server is equivalent to a piece of paper and pen.

Anyhow, I’d take you on your offer to outsource your server but currently I’m maintaining a small 15-Slot Server Community who’s basically a traveling circus between Roleplay communities. We’re running on Tiramisu simply because it doesn’t even need a MySQL which is great- however I haven’t had the opportunity to try OpenAura with the HL2RP Schema before.


this is stupid, you can just get your own for 27$.

He is patronizing us.

No, it’s just stupid, that’s what my whole thing was about.
If you can’t do your coursework, then don’t follow any classes.
If you can’t maintain your server and script, then don’t waste money on it.

We want someone to support us with the server, yes. I wouldn’t say with all the work, but much of the essential administrative work.

Why would we like to demote a person who is a great resource to our community and been able to make the server active and popular? It’s not like we think that staff members and employees are a negative thing. If we’re able to find a good super admin and manager, we’re simply just glad to keep such a person, since it benefits our community.

True. We’ve been an inactive community for quite some time now. We wish to change that now though.

Nice. We can talk more through steam. :smile:


Or, you can just accept my offer and receive all benefits from having a server without spending a lot of money.

The reason for us at Quality Quaestors to believe that people are interested in accepting this deal is because we really think it’s a win-win situation. The person who accept this deal will be given all the benefits and though all responsibilities of having a server. At the same time he/she doesn’t need to spend big amounts of money to create and upkeep the community.

Quality Quaestors benefits are pretty much the same. Though, we have to spend a lot of money, but don’t need to work as much.

This isnt a bad plan. Works quite well IMO. Some people would like to run a server yet lack the money. They get a free server and the server owner gets there IP favourited.

Personally I do it with my build server, I have no interest in running one so i asked the community if anyone would like to take up the challenge. One accepted and has made it far more popular than I could of.

…although I recruited from within my community :confused:

Yeah, I’m starting to believe that facepunch wasn’t the right place for this. Almost a week and nobody has sent me an application…

EDIT: The offer is canceled. We’ve found an other more successful option. So please lock this topic.