Over heating graphic card

hey lastnight my card hit temp of 93 and game performance went bad.
i have clean my p.c rig of all dust. i was also using msi afterburn at 80% speed and still hit that temp of 93

my p.c specs are
cpu. amd fx 8350
mobo. 990FXA-UD3
ram 16gb g.skill ram
im using a 750 watt power pack.
my card is a AMD Radeon R9 290 tri

i was playing on beautiful graphics

my brother has same setup but isnt other heating and hes playing on fantastic he said highest temp hit was 77 at bout 40% msi afterburner.

wondering if my card is on its way out.

The graphics settings in Rust’s in-game settings matter a lot more than the quality dropdown in the launcher. Also turn on vsync, or alternatively type “fps.limit 60” in the Rust console to set the frame limiter to 60, which should keep it from using excess power/heat to render more than necessary.

Your game performance will go bad when the card hits 93C because it’ll deliberately underclock itself in an attempt to not melt.

Rust just seems to be one of them games that heats up a GPU more than other games, have noticed this on my HD7970, most games only make the core heat up to around 65c but rust can push my temps from 70 to 80c so im having to run fans at a high speed.

That’s probably because there’s no framerate limit by default. Many other games are limiting the fps by having vsync enabled. There may be some little differences, but not such as big.

You could also limit the framerate within the radeon global and game settings and see if it helps.

I have 3 giant fans on my box and the BIOS rpm for each fan is on max my room after playing for about 12 hours gets hot keep un mind that all fans are blowing the air out of the box and the air in comes from the front of the box cooling my ssds and then my video card first.

I still feel like i should get water cooling system but idk yet

Just get water cooling and more fans for you tower. They are dirt cheap now.

my graphics card was overheating due to win 10 conflicting with the drivers and the fans would not regulate so i had to use msi afterburner. i found a few posts on the net from players with the same problem

Rust crashes two of my machines, my HP i7 laptop and iMac OSX quad core desktop, due to overheating - both will shutdown within 15 mins of starting Rust. Luckily I have a newer laptop that will run it. But it is true that it will overheat many older machines.

Press F1 in game then type fps.limit 65 or what ever you want to cap the fps and this will take some of the load off the GPU and keep temps down a bit.

Rust keeps my bedroom warm.

Same, 1600 hours never crashed last night 2x