"Over here Mr.Bubbles!" Little sister and Big daddy team


That little sister’s face scared the hell out of me.

Awwwwww, look how creepy the Little Sister looks with that oversized needle :smiley:

I got this Alma feeling when I played this game and encountered these kids. Creepy little critters.

Like the pic. Perhaps a tad lesser blur on the corpse.

That would be funny. You go take a peek in those little hidey holes that the little sisters crawl out of, only to get jumped by alma!

I seriously went “what the fuck is wrong with her face” in rl.


I like the Fuck Atlas.

I do too

eyes aren’t glowy enough

The posing and camera angle are good but the editing needs work.

The red splotches aren’t as circular or matching with the other eyes.

Very good
red good poison

She is fit. :smug:

Nice posing.

Why thank you good sir:3:

Hey, you fixed the Little sister looking like plastic! Looks pretty good now!

“I see an ANGEL!”

god this freaked me out…

The little Sister seems off to me, and so do the big daddys eyes. But good posing!

Her face = :v:

Looks great Hunter keep up the good work.