Over Powered Clans Issue

Though I know this is not a bug in the traditional sense, I believe that large clans are becoming a bit of a game breaker.
Currently large clans, specifically Esco, are becoming almost too powerful, and using their size to completely overwhelm smaller groups. Just recently I came back to playing rust, and I have been with two different clans on two different servers; and both times I have been completely overrun and greifed by one clan, Esco. In my current group, on an Australian server, I heard (from a team mate) that this clan had large amounts of c4 within hours of the server going online, and they progressively forced him from his initial area three times; and every time he had to completely rebuild and start afresh. Every time they invade they come in over whelming numbers, with lots of c4, full kevlar armour, m4’s and a seemingly endless supply of ammunition; easily raiding a group of 5+ members, who simply don’t stand a chance. Now I know that each member must work hard to gather their resources, I am not accusing them of hacking, and I am the first to admit that I am a poor shot and poor player; but their large numbers make it nigh on impossible to win against them, and it is breaking the game for me, having to move and rebuild very often, losing hours of progress each time.
I am not sure if other groups are having this issue or not, but it does seem that this game is highly weighted towards large groups.

Since this is more an issue with the community, than the game itself, I doubt there is much that can be done to fix it; but I thought it was worth mentioning. My questions are, is anyone else experiencing this issue? and can anyone suggest a reasonable solution to the problem? (if it is one)

“if you can’t beat them, join them”

So, until Esco you was very happy overwhelming other peeps…
This is not about fairness and Esco is not so “huge”.
Play smarter, have alliances; there is always counter mouvements/clans etc.
Don’t come crying just because can’t take on other clans when yourself had clans killing and raidin’.
If they are that much it means they are organized and good workers so you should too!

I know that feeling, since I refuse playing with clans… I only play with a friend so we are always overwhelmed, BUT we managed to keep our shit together just by playing a bit smarter, runing away and making suprise attacks when it is the best.

Hope you can understand my point, until then take care and man up! :smiley:


It’s too easy to get everything in this game. And especially in numbers they can overwhelm everyone. So I can actually agree on the larger groups being game breaking at times.

Sorry but we did not “have large amounts of C4 within hours of server going live” it took us just as long if not a little longer than other people… We do not come in “overwhelming numbers” most we have brought to a raid is 6… Have to laugh at the “lots of c4” most we have had on a raid is 10, and this seemingly “endless ammunition” is because we don’t pot shot at every little thing we try to actually shoot accurately not spray and fucking pray. Full Kevlar and M4’s is about the only valid point because of course we aren’t retards who run around trying to raid in cloth/radiation with pistols. I can suggest a reasonable solution, get a clan and come fight us. Also you say you "heard this from a team mate) who would that be???
Hmmm and the whole forced from an area and having to rebuild, if you combat log we will grief you base. If you stay and fight like a man and don’t act like a child you can keep your base.

So you are whining about being out matched?

If you don’t want to get raided don’t build in the central area of the map where most pvp players roam.

If you’re having such a problem you obviously need more and better players or need to play smarter.

Also on a side note it seems that most of the complaining we see is done by people who are pissed off that we are better organized than most people.

My main reason for being on the PvE server mainly, is cause i love the game, and team up with ppl now and then for short time if we all benefit from it at the time, but then i move on alone again, i like the idea of being a loner, and i love pvp, but at the current state i dont have much of a chance on the pvp servers, unless i team up with large grps, and tbh, if i wanted to just run around shooting other ppl, i could play 100 other games, i do hope that in the future that the map gets alot bigger, maybe in the style of dayz, but atleast having it big enough so if your a lone wolf, you still have a chance to sneak around, and even if you ran into a big grp, u still had a chance to fight back or even just get a clean escape.

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and get raided daily ? lol


I am not clanned with them but they definitely make the game fun at times. If it weren’t for the attacks ive had from them I would have never learned how to fight back, or even strategize on building my home. If you give anyone a reason C4 through more than 5metal doors before they get to your loot room chances are they wont bother. They would rather spend there time actually fighting rather than breaking through doors and concluding with nothing from the loot room at all. when you log out log out with your stuff. Determine what items are worth dying for and which are not. Heres a Tip … Wood , Metal, Guns, Ammo, and Food. Everything else is replaceable. If you still have room to hold it then Charcoal or Gunpowder ( sulfer) as well.

Most people Ive encountered out there even in the middle of the map are friendly and tend to team up when it comes to overpowered clans. When you step away from your Home be sure to scan your area don’t just run out there and get popped from behind cause you were not looking. Almost forgot don’t ever ever AFK for more than 30 seconds unless you can care less on what you have on your inventory otherwise it can get looted off you while your standing there and get shot. Know your respawn points as sometimes people build right on top of them and yes people can spawn inside your home if this is the case.

Obviously you can’t win in all-out battles against larger and better-equipped factions. Play it safe, play it covert. If you really wanna fight them, go guerrilla.

lol Esco. Befriend him. He is a cool dude and if he knows you, he won’t raid you. He will even help when other people are trying to raid you.

I cant imagine to think how this game will be when it goes live and all of us Alpha players are going to own so many new players to the game when it releases. For now keep in mind that it is what it is … Alpha keep looking for bugs and report them. IMHOP.

I think once we can create traps(if it ever happens) this could go a long way to setting up a large group to get wiped out.