"Over the cliff we go." L4D1 thing

Just something i did after i put the l4d1 models in. And yes i did get my saving fixed.
The full picture with the Crash course car. Zoey is the driver BTW.


And the back with Francis,Louis and bill shooting the zombies. Yes this is a bit blurry. I will keep trying to fix it.


First picture is alright but the second one has a tad shoddy posing and the faces look… well, odd.

Well i wanted it to be so they look awesome while they are shooting the guns.

Bill needs to lay off the adrenaline, and wasn’t it the general consuous that Louis drove the van?

I didn’t know who did so i used Zoey.

The posing shit.
I hate yu an your pics.
REally bad.Stop makeing pictuas.

Errr what did you say?

He said the posing is shit.
He hates you and your pictures.
They’re really bad, so stop making them.

Translation of what he said and i think you have some alright ideas but your posing is shite, seriously work on it or add me to your friends list on Steam so i can tell you if your posing looks alright or not.

Santz does sometimes. If i make one and he ain’t online and you are i will message ya ok? What is ya steam name?

I wouldn’t trust Zoey with the wheel, maybe Francis.

you have improved in the finger/hand posing mate, but you still need some work, try using less blur the next time, and make the Faceposing softer, dont go crazy with the faceposer tool :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it right with bill, thats how you grab a rifle, but remember to avoid clipping and maybe put the gun a little higher.

Ok. I hope i am better by next year.

2nd one is so blurry

How the hell is Louis holding that gun? You don’t hold any gun like that. Ever.

First picture is ok, but the posing on the zombies is horrible.

Second picture is really bad.
Nobody can hold the weapons how they are, and the faceposing is shit.

The only thing really redeaming about this is that fact that the bus looks like the one in the remake of Dawn of The Dead.

Couple things ya might wanna make note of. You need to consider the state of the ragdolls in the situation. Like if you were in a van running off a cliff, I doubt with the G-force and gravity you would he able to stand perfectly upright much less shoot accurately. I know this seems a bit nit-picky but it is physics.

Stop using super depth of field. You ovbiously don’t know how to use it correctly. You make everything look miniature.


I will reiterate. “WHAT?!