Over the top men!


Your pictures are always so full of win, extremely nice work man.

Very nice man, really captured the moment.

loving the colors man.

Excellent mass infantry picture.

love the scale

great work man, love it

The one Snow Trooper just looks like he is chilling.

“Nah it’s cool. I don’t mind being taken captive. I just glad to be off that Star Destroyer.”

“I’m just glad i’m gonna be off the ice planet now”

like srsly what exactly was hoth’s tactical advantage it’s just fukin ice everywhere

It was just a hiding place for the rebels. Empire just came there to squish the bugs but they managed to scuttle away.

There’s a missing comma in there.

Like the picture, though. +Winner

and some AT-AT’s blaster cannon pulverized them all right after this pic was taken

yes the entire regiment died horribly.

Pillaged by the glorious Imperials.

The snow looks rather flat, but other than that 10/10

EDIT: Also just noticed rebels with Clone DCs and a lot of imperial guns. 8.8/10

I like it, especially the chilling enemy trooper!

Cool pose, I’m not a fan of the purple tint. Damn those models are sexy, wip I assume?

so apparently this pose may be used in a art exhibit at a star wars con in poland.

sadly there are no models of rebel blasters other than that pistol the troopers use, and in the lore rebels were known to use clone trooper DC’s and E11’s!

“Space Kurwa, the untold story”

“You wasn’t there man, wampas and imperials everywhere!”