OVERDRIVE (or some cooler name I haven't thought of) a racing game based off Carmageddon 1997


It’s very early on but this is sort of an announcement that it’s a thing. Essentially, it’ll be like Carmageddon in Source 2 with cool cars like the DeLorean DMC-12, Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster etc. The maim of the game is either 1. Destroy everyone else’s cars (by crashing into them as one way) 2. Finish the race and 3. Run over all pedestrians (This last one may be replaced). There could also be a deathrun inspired mode, where players are trying to damage other players that are in cars (Like Tuskan raiders shooting at pod-racers in ST: The Phantom Menace). I don’t want to get caught up in wishful thinking however, as this is quite a challenge due to my non-existent programming experience. However, if you want me to do a thumbnail for your gamemode, I might just be happy to!


nice design, especially those pillars!