Overexaggerated first-person player movement

Please let me know your opinion on this, because it feels like I’m the only one that sees it that way.
So, in my opinion, the head tilting when moving left or right is too extreme (most games don’t tilt the head at all) and I think it would make me a bit nauseous when looking at it for too long.
Also, the sprinting speed seems to be a bit too fast. As far as I have seen, you can traverse an entire indoors map in some seconds while sprinting and it just feels very unnatural.
Of course, every gamemode can modify the speed to make it more realistic, but I think the default movement should be universally suitable to all gamemodes and should only be changed if needed.
Do you feel the same way or am I just not used to the movement?

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Is there really a problem when you’re fully free to code a new movement system with the intricate ways you’re able to access code for everything when developing for S&box?

If you’re unable to, you can always also wait for someone else to do it.


It’s the gamemode creators that made it that extreme, and it’s pretty widely accepted that it sucks balls to have it that high.


As long as it’s not the default and not in sandbox/TTT/other main gamemodes, i’m fine with it