OverExposured textures. How to fix ?

Don’t mind that trigger brush, I forgot to func it.

  • See that white texture? it’s supposed to be bright sand. How can I lower down textures brightness in vmt? Would $reflectivity “[ .5 .5 .5 ]” work?

Place down a logic_auto and env_tonemapcontroller. Name the tonemapcontroller something like tonemap

Go in the logic_auto and do

Also there is a question thread bro.

I know about tonemap, but I have glitch or so, with gmod. When its’ compiling VRAD it just crashes.

Tried raising the lightmapscale?

Is that like in texture editor? Which default is 16? If so then didn’t try. It’s displacements btw. I just tried in light_env to set: HDRscale from 1 to 0.7 hope it will make some difference. Oh and also: Overexposure appears only on white/bright textures.