Overgrown; Vacant Memories


1080p version


Scenebuild on gm_black. Quite proud of this one.

Any comments or criticism?

Holy shit, gorgeous. The scenebuilding is top notch, share your secrets.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Pro tip: Take your time on any scene! Biggest thing is taking your time, it shows when you don’t. (Not you specifically, but in general).

Happy to see the RV is being used!

That glorious beard…

Oh hell yes. This is beautiful. I particularly love the rusted-out crane jibs silhouetted on the horizon.

Great work as usual!

I’m more curious about your materials, everytime I try to scenebuild I never feel like I have good foliage or building models.

Honestly, at least 95% of the content I used in this is from Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 and this big STALKER pack (I’ll leave link below). But all of the foliage I use can be found in Games > Left 4 Dead 2 > Props_Foliage, along with some other good props. Both L4D’s are great for scenebuilds!

This STALKER pack, totally recommend it! 1600+ props, its perfect.

Also, there’s a Metro 2033 pack with all/most of its props. 900+ props which are great for scenebuilds if you’re interested.

Hope this feedback helps! :smile:

wallpaper bitches

ye ye

[sp]wallpaper #756 to be exact[/sp]

okay this is fucking amazing

Yeah it’s good seeing things we did getting used. I probably should have included the original rusted RV textures as a skingroup though.

How do you get these ideas?

Start small and work up from there! It’s kind of funny actually, I had no intention or any idea’s for making a full scene, I was just playing with Rusty + Jenkins’ RV… Placed the camera, spawned some buildings, some foliage to dress the buildings, etc etc. had some drinks, one thing lead to another and boom! Hahaha

Brilliant scenebuild, my pc would fried if i’ll build something like this

Wow… incredible scene, it has a really lonely feeling.