OverHeadChat by Lenny. ~because it was the coolest thing in RuneScape


This is a small addon that will display the chat messages above the head of the player that wrote them.

-Messages stack (earliest message at the top)
-Text fades out (can be customized)
-Visibility check so you don’t see chat through walls
-"…" over a currently typing player’s head
-Can be loaded clientside only (lua_openscript_cl overheadchat/autorun/client/overheadchat.lua)

I’m also currently working on adding the chat effects and animations from RuneScape.
Just prefix your chat message with them.

Currently available effects/animations:

You can customize it to your liking by adjusting these console variables:

overHeadChat_fadeStart --after how many seconds should the text start to fade
overHeadChat_fadeOut  --how long should the fading take
overHeadChat_textHeight --at what height should the text be displayed

overHeadChat_textColor_r --color of the text



If you use this addon on your server, please consider making a small donation towards my motivation to create more free addons in the future.

This is small initial release, if you want anything to be added/fixed/made better please post in this thread and I’ll try to make this a better addon.

Thanks for this addon,mate!

You have to add the effects! (shouldn’t be very hard)

Ooooh, I couldn’t even remember they existed!
I’ll try to start adding them soon!

Looks like a decent idea but the video doesn’t really show much.

The text you type will be displayed over your head, there isn’t much to show.
I just thought that making a little funny “machinima” out of it would add something to it, because just showing a video where I walk with text over my head would be super boring.

I’ll have more to show once I add the animations and color changes.

I like the video, it looks like a really cool addon to have as well.

Awesome, keep up the good work

It’s understandable that it would be a boring video but perhaps show us the text stacking or possibly different coloured text based on usergroup or player preference? If you could get ones to look like the old RS then I’d be impressed e.g. wave1 hello


Yeah I forgot to show the stacking in the video, but you can see that in the screenshots of the workshop page. (I just really wanted to get a “rsmv” done in gmod :v:)
As for text colors and text animations, that doesn’t even exist yet, since this a very basic initial release.
I figured out how to do the animations though (make the letter’s y axis move along a sine curve), colors won’t be a hard thing either.

Expect some cool updates soon!

Mate, are you going to do this every time someone says mate?

EDIT: Wow, you were even rated “dumb” by the same people. Deja vu.

Because some character are wider than others. (I’m drawing each character individually)
Has anyone an idea on how to fix that?

I love the idea, it’s going to be fun when you finish the effects.

something like:

[lua]local x= 0
for i, char in pairs(chars) do
local w, h = surface.GetTextSize(char)

surface.SetTextPos(x, math.sin(y + os.clock() * 4) * 4)

x= x + w


Awesome, thanks!
Didn’t know GetTextSize() existed.

Expect “wave:” today or tomorrow. I might also already add the other animations/effects.

Would it be possible to have the text appear over your head as you type (if it doesn’t do this already)?

I don’t see any necessity to that.

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Maths is fun


I’ll also parent the text to your head, rather than using the center of your collision box. (since that’s not always directly over your head)

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Ok, pushed “wave:” to the workshop!
The text is now also parented to your head.

Try nutscript :stuck_out_tongue:

Just made it so that a “…” appears over a player’s head, if he’s typing.