Hello! This is the first pose I’ve edited and posted. I’ve lurked and learned quite a bit over the years, hopefully I didn’t over do the effects. Criticism is very welcome!

your first?

the emperor smiles upon you

but yeah everything’s a bit blurry-like, most of the effects especially

I bow before you, cause this is just fecking brill. Have a winner.

Also “Overkill”? Nah, this are the guys you call when you need to exterminatus the fuck out of things.

the only things in 40k that could possibly be overkill, IMO, are the endgame scenarios, like the Emperor waking up, the Eye of Terror eating the galaxy, the entire Tyranid race pouring in etc

You know with the amount of rule changes, I wouldn’t be fucking surprised if Chuck Norris was God and just destroyed the galaxy

Holy shit, this is your first?

I am really looking forward to seeing what you’ll put out after a year here.