Overlapping sounds for each trigger?

When I trigger an ambient_generic several times, the sound is stopped before playing again. I’m wondering if there is a way to replay the sound again without stopping it? Like if I take a 2 second sound clip, how would I go about replaying it every 0.1 seconds and having it overlap itself instead of rewinding and starting from the beginning again?


i would say you could make it lap and then stop it when you want…
or play it again in the delay of the time it takes to end.

That is not what I want. I want that one ambient_generic to play on top of itself, adding to itself. Here’s an example video: http://www.edwardleuf.org/x/repeatSound.mpg

It wont. Use multiples.

Well that’s a shame…
Unless… Ok, what about skipping the ambient_generic entity and doing it from a script? Again, overlapping each time the script is triggered like in the example.

Use a template that destroys itself after playing?

Here’s what you’re actually looking for: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Looping_a_Sound

You’ll have to use Goldwave or something similar to edit the sound file and add cue points. I’ve done this in my maps for boomboxes to loop music when switched on.

Oh and you’ll also have to uncheck “is not looped” in the ambient_generic entity.

Ok. Extract the game sound, add loop points, resave, and… Still cutting off the rest of the sound and restarting from the beginning. And this wouldn’t work at irregular intervals like pressing a button several times (glitchy box?)

But maybe Spherix is on to something…

Ok, creating an ambient_generic as a template and killing it didn’t seem to work either.
Maybe I’m not getting the naming convention right so I kill the correct spawned sound entity.