Apparently Overlapping two brushes is bad, But when the texture is the same on both blocks, They mach and dont “Flicker” Like when to different textures overlap

Does this mean its ok?

It’s still bad

It just doesn’t look bad.

VBSP merges touching brushes anyway if I remember, but it’s still not good practice.

Cool, Thanks

From what I’ve heard, a world brush and a func_detail can overlap each other without causing any trouble.

Personally, I would play it safe and go without overlapping.

VBSP merges them so there’s no performance loss, but here’s how it can bite you:

You may have this:


VBSP will generally cut it up like this:


Even if you wanted this:


So if they are different textures, then it may fuck you. It also makes your 2d view a lot less neat and doesn’t help with resizing in some circumstances.