overlay crossair?

is it allowed to use this programm or eac/vac will ban for this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JRhdZI7fK8&annotation_id=91cf34f6-27ab-4712-ad40-188d8f35866e&src_vid=lsURrJohVBc&feature=cards

It is not allowed to use third party crosshair overlays. Don’t risk getting your account perma banned.

Not true, if it’s an overlay it will not be banned as it’s not being injected. I’ve used a crosshair when using spears for months.

or just put a sticker on your screen. or a small black dot with a texta. there are numerous options available without running 3rd party software.

but do you really need such a cheap advantage over other players when it specifically ISN’T in the game?

If i want a crosshair in my game, I play casual shooters.
But i dont want a crosshair.

CS:GO is soo casual LOL… some games use it, other not… just this xD

In most cases, no. An admin might decide to ban you though if the anti-cheat software takes screenshots.

It’s the reason why the ESP hack was so hard to pick up since it only read data and overlayed it on screen.