Overlaying metallic texture/ manipulating materials.

I have been messing with overlaying materials on player models, as the Gmod API function for setting a player’s color doesn’t function correctly. I was wondering if it’s possible to do more than just overlay a transparent texture, adding to the texture beneath, and if it is possible to overlay something like a metallic texture on a model, contouring over the model, and responding to light. I apologize for sort of leeching with this question, but I really have no knowledge base about things especially related to this.

What are you doing with it exactly? It works fine for me

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Also, have you tried


I am overlaying a blank white material on a player in order to cover their entire model, as with some custom models, the Ent:Color() function only colors the main parts of a model. After this, I use render functions to change the color of the overlay on the player live, and then, in a perfect world, I would like to be able to create a glossy metallic overlay on the model without adding another material. I recognize this may not be possible, but if it is ID be a happy boy.