Overlays on a func_door

How do I add overlays to a func_door? Decals work, but not overlays. They show up in hammer, but not in-game. I selected the appropriate brush faces.

I need to use an overlay because the decal is way too large.

overlays can only be placed on brushes not entities

Dont use decals on func_doors or other dynamic brush entities. They are confirmed to cause crashes.

Do you have a source? Because I’ve seen it done in Half-Life 2 itself. On a func_door. I looked it up and couldn’t find anything, are you absolutely sure? I don’t think they would do it in Half-Life 2 if it caused crashes. (One example is the Breen poster on a secret door, and no, it’s not just a separate texture. It’s a decal.)


The Apply Decals tool is used to place decals upon objects. The Overlay Tool is used to place decals onto brush or displacement surfaces. These are other entities. Why you need Overlay on doors? Does Decals are not enough? They are much easier.

You said decals cause crashes. [on dynamic brush entities like doors]


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I think, according to this, that overlays are fine. It affects only decals.

Overlays don’t show up on dynamic brushes though?

Isn’t decal tool obsolete? I mean what’s the point when Overlay gives you more flexibility.

Overlays are quite a bit more expensive and you cant have as many of them.
Decals arent obsolete and in fact they should be used whenever possible instead of overlays.

Really, why? Maybe on very big maps but normally… are they really that much expensive? I don’t think so.

Because Overlays are but much more flexible. For instance, overlays can be scaled, rotated and sheared, and an overlay can be drawn at a higher resolution than that of the texture it is covering.

Yes they are. As olek said overlays are dynamic entities while decals are static ones. The difference is very significant and no matter if your map is large or small, overdoing overlays is not a smart thing to do.

What i did was just make it into a brush and parent it to the door, giving an illusion of the decal or overlay being on the door

Well, some proof would be nice. Now it’s just your assumption.
And yes, when you use high resolution textures, ofcourse. But we are talking about standard stuff.

Did someone made a comparison of this? That would be interesting test.

Valve could have used a brush and just put a decal texture on it and then parented it to the door. I could be completely wrong though :confused:

it is an info decal i had to check the map is d1_trainstation_04

This isnt my assumption. Its foremost a logical conclusion and furthermore a fact based on knowledge. Right now you are asking me to prove that 1+1=2. Its obvious that a fully dynamic entity is significantly more expensive than a fully static one. Thats how game engines work.

But if you still insist, here is a actual source: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Decals

Theres a huge performance difference between 1000 decals and 1000 overlays (you cant even place 1000 overlays) Finally, if there was no difference then decals wouldnt exist in the first place.

Why significantly? Did you tested it? I can’t find any sources to prove that statement. That’s all. Jesus.
Wiki just says it’s more expensive, but how much is that “more”? Don’t you people get it?
If it’s for example like 3 fps of difference then I prefer overlays.

I don’t know, answers like “It is, because it is” is just not good for me.

Yeah, this is the thing i was talking earlier. There is maybe a difference on big maps where you can hit that limit, but on small maps the impact could be minimal.

Maybe there are 2 tools for same thing because one is newer than the other and gradually replacing it over time.

I’ve just checked some maps from CSGO, and they don’t use use dacals, there are some on old de_nuke, but on other maps none. On new de_train looks like all decals are info_overlays.
So yeah, maybe it’s not such big deal after all.

You ask a question, I answer it. Then you say you want proof and I give you proof, but now you are saying you dont care?

What the hell? Next time just let me know I shouldnt even bother answering your questions.

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Also you should look up the definition of the word “significant”