Override Entity:FireBullets

I am trying to completely override or replace what Entity:FireBullets does when it is called and replace it with another function that I defined.
So far I have tried hooking onto GM:EntityFireBullets and returning false and my function is called but a bullet is still fired, and I have tried redefining the function using metatables with no result.
anyone got any ideas on how to handle this?

Can you post the exact code you have been using to try and do this?

Both of the things you have posted should work just fine. (And in my experiences, have worked just fine)

Also do you have any addons installed? It’s possible one of them is messing with it.

i am working in relatively stock environment, here are afew of the methods I have tried

_R:FireBullets( t, b ) = SetupPhysBullet( t, b )

GM.FireBullets() = SetupPhysBullet( bulletInfo, b )

both of the above errored(these are being called in a autorun)

hab.hook( "EntityFireBullets", "HAB_EntityFireBullets", function( e, t ) SetupPhysBullet( e, t ) return false end )

this one works in running my function but a bullet is still fired (I have a custom hook handler)

local ENTITY = FindMetaTable( "Entity" )
function ENTITY:FireBullets( bulletInfo, b )
	SetupPhysBullet( bulletInfo, self )

this one just flat out does nothing

I have tried all methods with and without my function being localized