Override GM:AddGamemodeToolMenuCategories()

I was wondering why I created this function like so:

function GM:AddGamemodeToolMenuCategories()
spawnmenu.AddToolCategory( “Main”, “Constraints”, “#Constraints” )

However it still shows all of them, any ideas why? (I put this in my own gamemodes cl_spawnmenu.lua.

My main goal is to remove the other three categories.

Edit, forgot to include the silly include(‘spawnmenu/spawnmenu.lua’) thingy :stuck_out_tongue: lets see if it works, post more things if you think im still doing it wrong.

Second Edit: Still having no luck :smiley:

Third Edit: Turns out you can add them that way, but it doesn’t override the original function. T.T (

[lua]function GAMEMODE:AddGamemodeToolMenuCategories()[/lua]

wow thanks. haha. :stuck_out_tongue: