Override Hammers default settings

Not sure if you guys already know this, but it is possible to override Hammer-settings,
such as the renderdistance-settings, default tool settings as well as the whole layout in your registry
without being bound by the Hammer limitations.

For example: you have a big map you want to see in the viewport. The maximum for the back-clipping plane in the Hammer options is 10 000 U:

You open your registy editor (Run->Regedit.exe)and go to the directory


On the right you select the key “BackPlane”, rightclick->Modify, switch the dialogue to decimal and fill in your new value. Before changing the value, I suggest you close Hammer if it’s running.
Confirm, restart Hammer and voilà!

When changing wrong stuff here, you might mess up the interface, but I’ll just assume that if you’re that advanced, you probably know what you’re doing…

Here you can see an overview over the entire 32768U² big Hammer-scene using a back-clipping plane of 50 000:
Hope this helps you guys!


You can actually do a lot of that, with VIDE assuming you want to use an external application. It can also unlock the entity node view port.