Override serverside join / leave messages

I’ve asked this question before, and was told to use the hook ChatText to override the messages. However, it’s a clientside-only hook. Is there a serverside hook I can use to override the messages?

Have you actually tried looking around on Facepunch for previous help on this subject before making this and your other topic? If you did, you wouldn’t be asking for help because this has been explained many times before.

I did, and found nothing related to my search terms. Either I’m horrible at using google, or this question hasn’t been asked in a fairly long time.

While you’re posting here, could you at least either give the answer or link to one of the supposed threads that I ignored?

I told you before.
No. It is as easy as putting it in a client file instead of a server one. If you are putting it in init.lua, put it in cl_init.lua if you are putting it in /autorun/server, put it in /autorun/client. Why does it have to be serverside?

Stick exactly this in a file called whatever.lua in the folder lua/autorun/client and it will work.