Override UniqueID or make my own ID.

Hi. It’s might sounds stupid but i want to make my own ID (starting from 1 to ∞, = MySQL id Field) instead UniqueID.

  1. Cuz 1 more understandable, then 462381923,
  2. It’s easy to use, e.g. !ban 1 instead !ban KoJI6ac9H
  3. Less storing data size. TTT storing much data like TraitorsIDs etc…
  4. This IDs = MySQL profile IDs and URL will looks so beutyfull: www.anysite.com/user/1

What i wanna ask?

  1. Should I do it?
  2. What better use: NWInt or net.Library or something else?
  3. Standart function player.FindByUniqueID will faster then my own function?

player.findByCommunityID = function(id)
  local tmp;
  foreach(players.GetAll() as _, v) do
    if v:GetCID() = id then
      tmp = v break
  return tmp

Please give detailed answer.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

So you mean that each new player that joins your server will then have a special ID, that isn’t UniqueID. In order to associate players that are not new with their previously generated special IDs, you’d have to store their UniqueID anyway. This is redundantly pointless.

Lots of players with your arbitrary ID system will still appear to be a random collection of numbers, offering no benefit over the UniqueID function.

  1. It will be no different.
  2. You need a way to know their UniqueID, so this statement doesn’t make any sense.
  3. No significant saving on data size, but due to redundant need to store UniqueID anyway, you spend MORE size.
  4. It won’t look beautiful when someone’s ID is 1032 etc. This is very very pointless.