Overriding natural map lighting

Is there a way to override the map ambient lighting, but keep dynamic lights?

render.SuppressEngineLighting does the job somewhat, but dynamic lights do not render either with this on.


Above is the model I’m trying to suppress lighting on, as you can see some sides are lighter/darker than others - I’d like them all to be the same (by suppressing the map ambient lighting).

From DModelPanel:

	render.SuppressEngineLighting( true )
	render.SetLightingOrigin( self.Entity:GetPos() )
	render.ResetModelLighting( self.colAmbientLight.r/255, self.colAmbientLight.g/255, self.colAmbientLight.b/255 )
	render.SetColorModulation( self.colColor.r/255, self.colColor.g/255, self.colColor.b/255 )
	render.SetBlend( self.colColor.a/255 )
	for i=0, 6 do
		local col = self.DirectionalLight[ i ]
		if ( col ) then
			render.SetModelLighting( i, col.r/255, col.g/255, col.b/255 )
	render.SuppressEngineLighting( false )

Not sure how to handle the dynamic lights if they still are problematic, but this will let you control your model lighting.