Overruling gamemode file with addon file. Is it possible?

I’m working in a weapons pack for TTT that has 16 attachment entities.
If I use the in place bitflag system, I can only use a maximum of 13 entities (#13 having a bitflag of 32768).
I’ve already identified the culprit and tested the direct changes and it works perfectly then, but since this will eventually be for distribution, I don’t want users to have to edit the gamemode files directly.

What I want to accomplish is to change the bit value of net.WriteUInit and net.ReadUInit from 16 to 32. These are located in ‘weaponry.lua:414’ and ‘cl_equip.lua:492’, respectively.
Is there a way I can have an addon file containing a modified copy of the code take precedence over the gamemode functions?

You could either override the gamemode files all together in an addon, or just override the function globally in an addon. I would put the function in a hook or timer, though, to make sure it overrides the gamemode function and doesn’t get overrided itself.

That’s a bad idea, what if the server has modified that file too and installs your addons over it? It would break the shit out of that server. Network your attachments manually.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I’ll just replicate the offending code and work from there.
I’ll post results if it works out.