Overrun by a horde.



I like it. Good work with the lighting.

Very nice work there mate, that’s a mighty pose on Francis’s face. :smiley:

I love francis’ face.

Very nice colour scheme and overall editing :smiley:

Good editing, generic pose.

Very nice.

name is generic, but the pose isen’t

Nice work man.

Plastic arm.

Nice work man.

looks good…

The zombie calms Francis…

“Dude, take it easy”

Too bad the zombie is going to end up with no head.

This is Excellent

I like francis’s faceposing! =D


Very nice, great lightning and good use of the grain effect here.

Francis’ neck looks odd, and the right hand side of the picture is too dark, but it’s quite good overall.

Is the zombie behind him willing to have buttsechs?

Dawn of the Dead (2004) Blackout scene is what I think of when I see this.

Nice, Francis’ face is rather laughable, but whatever.