Overwatch advancing on an old Ukrainian road.

Awesome editing by CptLemons. :love:
First thread in some time.


lowpoly what? ;D


Nice work. Where’d you get the skins from?

How’d you get your hands on those sexy skins?

Nice posing and nice scene.

Cheers, models are bloo’s new combines.
Dunno if he released them yet, think he did.

Dosen’t seem like it, he said that if anyone wants them you have to ask him, if I remember correctly.

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Dammit, Bloo’s offline.

Well, once he’s online, ask him (and then release to public)

Posing on the far left one is kinda funny imo

He has a rocket launcher of some kind, so what did you expect?

Didnt you make this already?

New edit you silly goose :v
Besides Haxxer made a thread before I even woke up.

Well now I don’t want to give it to you OR Fussy, now that I think either of you might release it without my permission :saddowns:

It’s still in beta, once I think it’s done I’ll release them.

Great pose Rick, nice edit Capt.Lemons.

Then my food must have been drugged

People like you are the reason I don’t like releasing things. Fuck off.

zeemlapje made the skins btw

wow bloo are you seriously stealing credit? that’s a fag move. but i think you’re better than that so it’s probably the guys in this thread not knowing what they are talking about

i’ve got them on my hdd somewhere (the combine base textures)

its cool that one of the combine has part of his mask smashed, gives him a real veteran look

Would you do me a favor and work on something really hard that you don’t want it released just yet and give it to me to test it out so I can release it without permission

Zeem made the skins but Bloo re-rigged them with proper hands and ragdolled codpieces and shit, they pretty much rule

Score 1 to rossmum

Now there’s that paper bag again…