Overwatch Database - A HL2 Screen Thread (working title)

So there’s a disheartening lack of good HL2 themed screens around this here site, so hopefully I can rectify that by starting this thread. Feel free to come here and post all your HL2 related screens. It doesn’t have to just be vanilla HL2, but works with extended universe concepts like those from Raising the Bar incorporated into them are welcome and appreciated. You can make little stories that play out over multiple posts or just put up an interesting image you came up with and wanted to share.
Feel free to give all the C&C you want like any other thread, just don’t be an asshole.




There’s always something about HL2 scenes that catches my attention, nice work.

That does not even remotely look like a piece of glass. A broken piece of glass would never ever take that shape and why is it glowing?

With bad ms paint skills


I’ll make better one’s later this one was a rushed idea.

I strongly recommend you to read some tutorials about posing. Not to insult you btw.

@Benx303 Non taken, It was rushed and done in under an hour. I’m also new to this i thought i would give it a try. I will definetly read and watch more tutorials though thanks.

I’m not gonna impose any kind of “Lrn 2 git gud at posing or gtfo scrub” policy or anything. But one pointer I could give you is to take a look at some pictures or yourself in the mirror in the pose you want to put a ragdoll in, then try and copy that.

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Because you touch yourself at night.
Also there’s nothing in Gmod that even remotely looks like a piece of glass.

What? :what:

except for the broken piece of glass models from the broken militia windows/nuke skylight

You mean the GIANT chunks of glass?
This was the only thing I had to work with that was a size big enough to actually wield as a weapon.

I think there’s a couple prop scaling tools around

You’ll need to nocollide the model since the physbox will still be huge but it’ll appear much smaller

I see, I’ll have to look around a bit then.

Are re-posts allowed? I’ve made a few HL2 themed poses over the years (some better than others). Probably my favorite theme.

Fucking beautiful content man. Good job!

I have a few old shots sitting in my dropbox that fit in the externded universe/HL2 theme:


That clean combine model is sexy as hell


I’m so happy this thread is starting to pick up. You guys make some truly epic content. Keep it up!