Overwatch Heavy Assault units in combat

Testing out Wystan’s awesome new Neo Tokyo reskin:


Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/dm_overwatch00007.jpg
Comparison: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/17994

Great muzzle flash, nice lighting.

Cool as always.
Have an artistic.

Good job.

Not bad but why that amount of shading round his body, i mean, it’s light outside and he is firing his gun, why are the shadows so dark?

Awesome muzzleflash

Shadows are cast by the muzzleflash. Also, because it looks badass.

Whoever skinned that must be a badass.

Heh :stuck_out_tongue: K

Any more comments/critiques?

Some very nice lighting going on there!

The guy in the background is posed abit oddly but other than that, it’s pretty nice!

Where’d you get the skins from?

it was cool i liked it model link please to original models.

I was expecting other ‘‘heavies’’ :smug:.



Good picture btw.

Google is great.

k thanks

I don’t like how the guy in the back is running, but the main focus of the picture is great.

I like it bro, nothing I wouldn’t expect from you by now.

Although I have to mention I do like that weapon model, it seems to fit right in with other Combine stuff.

Gracias guys.