Overwatch Model Thread v1

I don’t know about you I’d love to get some of the models out of this game.

How you can install Overwatch.

battle.net.exe --game=prometheus --install

According to This admittedly shitty video(and me trying it out), this doesn’t work anymore. If anyone would be willing to pack the gamefiles up and upload them, that’d be pretty neato.

Also, the only progress of model ripping that I’m aware of is Ellowas currently working on Widowmaker that was ripped by Rexx using Ninjaripper. The model came out in T-pose with slightly wrong textures(apparently they had decreased gamma or something) and no rig.

Yeah I can upload it.

I personally probably won’t be able to do much with it, considering it’s a new engine afaik, but hey, who knows, maybe some hackerman will come along, so please do! =)

Until then, ~snip~ - I wonder what was here…!

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I never found a rules page, so I hope I’m not about to get b& for them tits. It’s art anyways, amirite? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

not saying I didn’t enjoy it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So, apparently they are updating This tool to be able to extract from Overwatch… I’m probably gonna be patient and wait for that, because the results of ninjaripper seem to be utter shit, as expected.

That said, I’m now more interested in the game files than before, someone upload plx! ^-^

If one person got the model I’m here to do the rig of the model.

(I don’t got the game, and I don’t got the beta, Battle.net don’t let me download the game, and that code say “You don’t got enter beta” but, I’m in the list.)

While we’re all presumably waiting for the cascviewer update, here are the gamefiles: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2D2q6R0s79idG9aOFhkUGtFTjQ

Since noone else is gonna post it. Thanks to Vargh, who uploaded it for me.

updates on this?

So is this 3ds Max or Maya? If Max, which tutorials did you use for the facial rigging?

Can I get on contact with you please? I have some questions regarding models.

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It’s Blender.

I’d actually be interested in more details about the rig itself. He did a splendid job with it

It is Blender, and it took an hour using Pitchipoy Rigify addon(comes with blender, just enable it and check a quick tutorial on it) (the 1 hour included learning it, could probably be done in 20 minutes, sick, I know)

It seems that the code is out there on GitHubfor a CascView that works with Overwatch, but the author doesn’t seem to be packing it up and releasing it here. (It’s been on v1.0.0.30 for ages) A smartypants friend of mine said something is missing, so he can’t compile the source files for the tool. So yeah, I’m pretty much still waiting, because the textures I get from Ninjaripper are not viable.

Ellowas however has made a glorious Widowmaker model, check out his blog. (he fixed the detail loss on the textures by blurring, I don’t really want to do that)

Btw, I might not have much time to work on Overwatch models even when the tool is out, because I got some stuff I’m getting paid for to work on, plus my hype is pretty much dead at this point.(gg blizz) There might be much better porters out there than me who might want to do it. I will still give it a go when I got time if that turns out not to be the case.

I’ll try fixing it seeing what I can do with that problem.

I have a great interest in getting a hold of the D.Va pistol model to use as a reference for a 3D printed replica. If someone could help me out with that, It would be greatly appreciated.

bumping this, diff want some of those female models :smiley:

Hanzo, Mercy, Tracer, Widowmaker RAW RIPS
*Edit: No D’va D: *

Pure Ninjaripper rips by Rexx, little to no clean-up done on them, have fun. I’m working on Tracer atm, and planning to have public release. Probably not gonna bother with nude body, but might reconsider.

To get Overwatch textures that came out of Ninjaripper to work:

Use something that is NOT Photoshop’s DDS plugin to open and convert the .dds files to .png, for example XnView. Photoshop’s DDS plugin has an issue with these files where it pixelates them and just makes them unusable.

Each character will have almost all their textures in a single file. You’ll be able to recognize the diffuse, normal, and a 3rd, weird one. In the weird one, according to Ellowas, the red channel is the Specular map, and green and blue are identical Glossines maps.
There is also one more very important one that I believe Ello titled SSS map. It’s red stuff on black background, you’ll know it when you see it.

So, load all 4 of those into XnView and save them as .png.
When you load the diffuse into XnView you might want to find the Remove Alpha Channel button. It’s in there somewhere. The alpha is raped by Ninjaripper, so yeah.

Next up, open the diffuse in photoshop, and apply gamma correction with a value of 2.2. Then, put the SSS map over it, and use whatever blending mode looks best. Now your diffuse should be looking usable. I recommend you upscale it to 4-8k so it’s easier to fix details. The edges will look pretty shit.

Many thanks for this info to Vargh and Ellowas. Thanks to Rexx for ripping the models and textures.

i’ve loaded each of the FBX’s in maya, they are all nothing but levels and not the character models.