Overwatch model thread V2 (Xnalara Ascii)

As many people find it too hard to extract models from the game, I’m posting here all the models & textures extracted with my tools. All with original rigging. Tools posted there http://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2472

This is just an example of 5 hearoes (D.Va in the middle):

First, here’s a list of it all grouped to find the textures you need, because they don’t have proper names:

Then all textures in DDS format

802 big models (characters & their weapons mostly)

3768 small models (vehicles, props & other objects)

unfortunately i can’t download the textures. - says i don’t have permission to acces the file.
even logged into my google account.
however, the other files work.

Ok, maybe i clicked something wrong. Must be working now.

yes, it’s working now. thank you.

I have a slightly off topic question, id-daemon if you don’t mind.

I’ve been looking for someone to rip out Nova from Covert Ops SC2. Is ripping out that model from SC2 the same thing as Heroes of the Storm? Someone told me Blizzard uses the same format for their games.

If so, could you do it for me?


I never ripped anything from Covert Ops or Heroes of the Storm. In fact, I never rip anything. I’m extracting models from game files. And someone said models in overwatch were completely different than those in WoW.

Thank you for your answer id-daemon I appreciate it.

@id-daemon is the Young hanzo skin and bow by any chance included ?

Yes, all models are there. Including all versions of all heroes with their weapons.

Obj version Possible?

thanks for these id-daemon. this will be fun

Where can I find the Blender ASCII Importer again?

google johnzero7 for his xps tools. conversion to gmod will be in the same vein as any xps/xna based model.

Do you mean importing by compiling in .qc? or is there some strange magic that makes the process faster.

Has anyone had any Succes loading the textures?
A lot of them tell me “Invalid image header”.
I’m looking for the Hanzo Textures specificly (main and all skins)

^ Same here, I’m having trouble finding most textures at all, even with the directional guide.
I can’t open the missing header images with GIMP either.

Can you give an example texture you can’t find, and example image you can’t open?

Im trying to collect Pharah’s textures, but I just cant find most of them. even if I search their names (or certain numbers/letters) in windows search.

That’s weird, 'cus when i looked for textures (of props that i’m porting), i found needed ones relatively fast. All with normals and specmaps (i had problems only with S76 Morrison rifle glowing parts (ammo detectors)).

Wow, id-daemon is officially the greatest person at Facepunch Studios.