Overwatch soldier shooting

Posing test, not edited.



I like the way the in-game shadowing and lighting was used. The pose looks pretty good too. The Combine soldier is stretched a bit, but that’s the model.

Incredibly odd shooting stance. The hips are fully-facing the target and the shoulders are rotated away from the forward leg. The stance would leave the shooter rather off-balance and recoil would be much worse than in a traditional shooting stance. Very unnatural and uncomfortable position to shoot from.

Well, is even the upper body posed correctly?


By the way, why does the Super DoF look like motion blur?

The upper body is fine.

Yeah I spotted that too. Not sure why it’s like that. Did you zoom in with the camera? Perhaps if you leave it in the default position that happens.

Ah, so that was the issue. I didn’t zoom.

And good to know the upper body was fine. Gotta get some training on my footwork.


Finally found a good way to make smoke, and decided to test it in this.