Overwatch soldier trying to shake a headcrab zombie off his back

Dunno. Editing test maybe.


Nice lighting and posing

I like it, but what are those gray dots?

I like it. Good job. Maybe the camera angle isn’t very exciting, but the picture is still good.

Dust. They’re part of the map, and I didn’t have time to edit them out.

Great job.


It looks great. keep up the good work!

Much better editing than before.

Fucking awesome man, definitely one of your best.

that is just awesome, love the lighting and the posing. And you made the camera angle work.

I love it.

The lighting is awesome, nice work.

Good stuff man, love the editing.

Don’t edit it out
Makes it look good.

Wow this is definetely one of the best poses i’ve seen in a while.

Oh man, that looks just awesome. Especially the lightning.

Love it, Everything about it!


Holy shit, didn’t expect this many positive comments, thanks!