Overwatch soldiers patrolling in C17

Testing my finished Combine skin.



Other than the models/skins looking extremely raped, it’s nice :slight_smile:

I Like the atmosphere.

Now that you said that, I actually regret releasing it.

Eyes are nice, but the pattern is too contrasted.

Pose is good, though nothing special.

Good Models Veryy God

Can you give a link to your skin? :3

Major clipping man :confused:

The eyes look good, although the pic could have been a little better to show em off.

Yeah. Should have used a model with shorter buttstock.


Models/Skins -> Releases. It’s in there.

Have they just been on fire or is that camouflage?

Camouflage or dirt, I haven’t decided.

They look very sharp and whatever camo pattern you have tried to give them seems almost indistinguishable. It’s just… it’s very hard to describe. It’s there, and we know it’s there, but it’s almost like the visual equivalent of white noise.

Ok, I’ll stop using the skin.