Overwatch soldiers scouting now abandoned Nova Prospekt



Alt. version with in-game contrast rape:




Rimlighting seems a bit strong, so does the glow from their masks. Otherwise, pretty darn good job.

Basically what Zerax said but also those beams from the fella on the right don’t seem to be pointing where he’s looking. Lots of wasted space too.

Looks cool.

Great posing.

Great use of wasted space IMO.(Im serious) but the rim lighting is too strong.
Everything else is very awesome but it should be darker :smile:

Looks awesome!

Few bits of the rimlighting needs to be removed. This looks more like stroke. About that light i agree with people above.

Otherwise pretty damn good job.

Flashlight eyes.
I want them in MY skull right now.

lighting is bad on the helmets

There should be a fast zombie hanging on the irons bars in the arch behind them… that would be creepy.

I think it looks pretty damn good, captured an abandoned atmosphere very well.

I like the lights from the helmets too :slight_smile:
(Combine flash-lights? hehe)

Nice work

this is a perfect example as to how using dodge to emulate rim lighting is terrible.

lamps, people. Learn to use them.


Also, the beams are too visible. They shouldn’t even have that kind of range on them. The one on the left is far too bright, and the one on the right should be cut down. It’s really screwing up your rule of thirds.

The cautionary posing is pretty good, though.

Well, I didn’t use any dodge. But it didn’t come out too well, I agree.

Thanks. I’ll remember that next time. Never done lights like these before.

Thank you.

One of the most useful comments for a long time.

It’s not wasted if it looks good.

I think the top should be cropped a bit so it’s a widescreen-esque image. The sides should stay, though. Looks great.

The rimlighting is kinda wierd, but nice job.