Overwatch troopers ambushed by alien tentacles emerging from the sand

"Aw shit."


Alternative title could be “Sandtrap”.

C&C and R&R, please.

thats pretty awsome, the poseing is a bit of on the combine standing but otherwise, its all good :).
where are the tenticles from?

They look rather unconcerned with their imminent doom…

Nice sand effects and creatires though. The combines eyes look cool too… But what are those creatures? Like, what models/model.

Well, the other is inspecting the corpse and the other is looking to other direction.


Got it from Gmod.org, propably from Dark Messiah. Just search “tentacle”.

Cool models.

I thought this was sandtrap


One of the combine (far left) seems in an awkward position. It seems uncomfortable.

Reminds me of Mass Effect for some reason…

“Aw shit.”

“Hey I have a side mission for you. Go to this random empty planet and find this random object for me, k? It should be really easy and nothing will happen I promise.”

ten minutes later

"K we’re here on the random planet. Look; there’s the random thing we need to get for the random guy. This should be eas- OH SHIT A GIANT FUCKING WORM!

a further ten minutes later

“Hey I have a side missio-”
“Fuck off.”

^Lol, so true, so true.

That’s from Halo 3, right?

That made my day. Fits in the pic perfectly.

“Hey I lost contact with my marines and I can’t be fucked going to the planet here’s coordinates go fuck shit up.”


“Droppin’ you in Commander.”

“Well this doesn’t look so bad. HEY LOOK A SHIP.”
“Looks like we found our marines.”

Giant Worm pops out behind Shepard, Ashely and Garrus(My squad)
“Commander… Remember how I told you I hate aliens?”
“Uh, yeah?”
“Behind you is why.”

Shepard and Garrus turn around*


3 Hours, 2 Infirmary visits, an annoyed Doctor Chakwas and some puking later. The Citadel.

“So did you find the-”

Shepard holds up the dismembered head of a marine, and a tooth from one of the worms in the other.

“Oh yeah, I found them. Cunt.”

The side missions were so bad in that game. Some of them were treks to shitty planets to get jumped by some crappy Geth or a fucking worm and the others could just be talked out of.

“Heyyy t-there. Can you get me more shitty version of Skooma?”