OVH VPS for Garry's Mod DarkRP

Hi, I need decent hosting to hold a stable and smooth 64 slot (to increase in future) DarkRP server. I have currently got a VPS with nfo but as soon as there are 50+ players on, everyones ping rockets up to 100-200. I have been looking at the VPS services from OVH and was wondering if anyone has had any experience. I was thinking about getting the VPS Cloud 2 or VPS Cloud 3.

From what I’ve read, OVH has pretty good DDoS protection. Please share your knowledge with me :slight_smile:

  • Dozza

ps. Does OVH have a yearly contract or monthly?

I’m assuming you’ve contacted NFOs support about the issue and they weren’t able to help you?

If so OVH won’t be any better - sorry. They use the same or worse hardware then NFO.

Feel free to hit me up on my live chat. I’ll be on for another hour or so and don’t mind helping people even if they aren’t hosted by me. If it’s an issue with the server.cfg I might be able to help you.

Their DDoS protection is pretty good. Though I’ve experienced (a lot recently) attacks they were unable to detect which resulted in no mitigation. The issue with their mitigation on detection DDoS protection is, that it sometimes can take a few minutes for it to detect the attack. While this may seem reasonable in many uses, having timeout or constant lag in a few minutes is crucial when hosting a gmod server.

You can pay per month.

OVH simply isn’t designed for gaming, especially not latency-sensitive games like Source ones. They don’t specifically route their network for it like NFO does, nor do they offer support - like at all.

The hardware quality on their VPS services isn’t great. It’d do fine for a website, but I wouldn’t recommend a game server (especially not resource-heavy ones like GMod, Minecraft, etc) on it by any means.

The DDoS Protection is also very hit or miss. When you have 120Gbps of mitigation capacity per region, and that capacity is shared between hundreds of thousands of servers, it won’t be worth much on a high-volume day of attacks. OVH itself is one of the largest sources and targets of attacks as well.

Just some food for thought.

Cheap and fast.

OVH’s CPU’s on their VPS plans aren’t necessarily that strong, you’re going to want a strong CPU with a relatively good clock speed (3.0GHz+). Furthermore you’re probably going to need a good port, is there anything else running on the server or is it just your game server? Services like Teamspeak and your website/forums is going to take up bandwidth as well.

EDIT: I’ve got a Dedi server with OVH as well as 2 VPS’s and they’re all a monthly contract, I think you can save like 10% if you pay for a year upfront however.

OVH’s ddos protection is decent but it only covers level 4 attacks, anything higher will go through and your server will get the full grunt of it. Mitigation is automatic but you can also manually enable it and make it permanently enabled.

OVH support depends on your tier, if you go Kimsufi you will get no support what so ever, have fun if something dies on your VPS/Dedi. SoYouStart comes with minimal support, can take days to get a response. OVH support for their own line is also slow, a 20 minute to 1 hour job at hetzner (replacing dead hdd) can take a day.

I have an OVH dedicated server, I want to move it but I have so much data on this thing it’s just not worth it. I’m gonna run it till the HDD dies which it will, its a shitty 2tb seagate so its gonna implode on its self and thanks to the changes they’ve made to Kimsufi since 2011, my decent support went to zero support, I pay £42/m for the box and they changed the terms at will without informing me.

Take it with a grain of salt, you get something decent but as soon as something goes wrong. You wont get shit from them, they are happy to give you a server or service and take your money but don’t expect anything back.

Where would you move?

Just get a server with NFO. Good servers, cheap, and not really that easy to get ddos’d.

I got 3 VPS’s from HostHatch, and I also moved hoster to HostHatch for the company I’m working for. Personally I have had about a total of 5 minutes of downtime with them, and I’ve had those 3 VPS’s for 8 months now.
My company has yet to see any downtime with them aswell. We’re hosting heavy NodeJS and Rails applications spread accross a server network of 5 VPS’s. Along with our in-house applications, we host some large customer sites aswell.

As for support, each ticket I’ve opened has been responded to in less than 20 minutes, although I haven’t had to open more than four tickets in the entire time I’ve been with them, two of which were just general questions.

Give them a try and see what you think.

Hello, If you are just looking for hosting check out they offer linux hosting at quite a cheap price and they have a couple of offers on atm promo “sf20pct” and the bundles page offer gmod hosting quite cheaply.