OvO - The one versus one gamemode for when MW2 Rust just ain't gonna cut it

Hey everyone,

I wanted to get this idea out there to see how many other people might be interested, and whether it’s worth resurrecting this “old” idea, once I get s&box access.

Original gamemode premise

One Versus One, or OvO for short, was a Gmod gamemode me and my brother worked on back in August 2020 to blow off some steam during the pandemic. We didn’t spend long on it, and it ended up abandoned once we returned to our usual lives.

While it was alive, though, we found the gamemode extremely fun when testing. It was originally designed as a “background” game, one where you and a friend could kill time while having a good chat, something a few friends and I have done in classic CODs over the years.
However, while testing with friends, we found that the few features we implement created something extremely addicting. We spent hours messing with it, something about the fast pace, a fair playing field of having the same loadout, and the unique ‘Spectre’ ability, all just worked (Todd Howard would be proud).

What I want from you, the reader

Please give me your opinion below.
Do you think this idea would work? Think it should be different somehow? What specifically would you want to see, if the gamemode was created?

My thoughts

Given that, once I get a key and access, I’ll need a project to focus on while I’m learning/relearning C#, and converting my hammer knowledge into source 2 hammer knowledge, I thought it might be a fun starting point for a gamemode, and would differ from the 20+ RP gamemodes I’ve already seen people working on.

If anyone knows someone who can get me game access, to my knowledge, it’s via nomination only at the moment; I’d really appreciate it.

Or, if someone else wants to grab this idea and make it before I even have the chance, well, go for it, I guess.
I can’t really stop you. It would suck for me, of course, but if you think you can create it or if you think you can do a better job, then please do try.
It was an entertaining game, and I’d love for others to experience a finished version rather than the buggy, abandoned mess I have on the gmod workshop.

Team so far


If anyone wants to give me a hand, I’d highly appreciate it. This will be my first step into C#, and my background is very… not C#.

Contact deets

My facepunch forum inbox is open to anyone.
I’m pretty much “open-door” on Discord: WhiskeeDev#0001
If you want a more professional vibe: dev@whiskee.me


I’d help ya with the C# part. Try to get multiple keys so I can assist ya.


You literally just need to drop all the rookie looking UI from GMOD. No memes nothing .

Give this game its own custom UI and don’t go to far and overcomplicate things like powerups ect…

Its a 1 v 1 game mode, who shoots quicker and more accurate is the core. Have a ranking system to find out whos the best and Highscores for the addicts, I doubt youll be able to offer this as an addon/mod like Spectator Deathmatch where you can have a mini gamemode within a gamemode. So it would be it’s stand alone game instead of a waiting room concept.

Some ideas like if you can control the 1v1 however before the game begins, for example:

what type of 1v1 ?

  • Pistol Only
  • Shotgun
  • any gun vs any gun
  • Fun weapons ( maybe a wild west cowboy shootout )
  • Different Maps for different gun styles

But thats already expanding a lot, You could just keep it 1 map 1 gun and amazing controls / feel / touch, Or maybe make it a less serious game of skill and cater the game to the not so accurate players that arent fps gods. Like banana 1v1 where you just throw banana bombs


I like it, reminds me of TF2 MGE but less strict. Being able to duel using custom weapons could be very fun, I like the spectre ability also. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback Cake.
I absolutely agree about the UI, when I first worked on the gmod version of OvO, I had taken an extended break beforehand, so a lot of the UI was me relearning Derma and experimenting, I wouldn’t exactly call it a success but I’ve improved since then.

As for the type of 1v1, the idea originally was to allow either the host to select the loadouts available to both players, or a vote to occur on a randomised list, or a mix of the two. We kept it open so that if weapon add-ons were installed, those could also be selected to be part of the loadout.

The map we used for dev purposes, viewable on the workshop, was based on “The Pit” from COD:WW2, though I already have some plans for other maps, one of which is a dark laser tag style map with neon lights and the such.

That moment when you realise you haven’t updated your development thread in over 2 months…

I’ve been busy with my usual life. I finished my 3 month notice period and my current workplace and am starting a new position in July, so a lot of my time has been tidying up old stuff and making preparations.

I’ll try to start posting more development information here for those who are interested, but for now, here are a few screenshots from one of the maps being developed for OvO - Laser Tag (the name is WIP).

There is also another map in the works, though this one has been more to blow off steam than an actual map (so far)
This is cinema, based on the original cinema map for Gmod’s Cinema gamemode, but with my own personal touch. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or, if I do keep it, how much of it will resemble the original cinema map, but it’s what I’ve made so far.

Woah this sounds like a really neat gamemode! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it once I can get my hands on sbox. Good luck!

Update Time!

In terms of map, we have no map little to no progress was made on the map(s) since the last post - I’ve not had the time to load up Hammer recently and make progress, and honestly, I’m a little reluctant to continue because I’ve been informed that S&Box Hammer is different to HL:A Hammer, so I might wait till I get my hands on it.

That being said…

We aren’t leaving you empty-handed! I’ve recently cracked Blender open and been messing with 3D Modelling… again… because that went great last time…

Despite being an absolute novice, I’ve managed to get basic models for a Ticket Machine and a Slushie Machine done, so far.
These models are for ovo_cinema, and as you can tell are themed based on items you’d find in a cinema.

Ticket Machine

The Ticket Machine is a… well, ticket machine. Kinda simple honestly. I was super happy with how this model turned out, especially with the reflective screen. For now, there is only this “off” version, I’m not yet sure if I’ll create an “on” version.

Slush Machine

The Slushie Machine turned out alright, but I wasn’t happy with the containers for the… slush. So I’ll be reworking on that soon. As for the branding, I’ve reached out to ICEE to see if I can get the required permission to use the Slush Puppies Branding, if not though Gvarados might be willing to put on a slushie costume

That’s all for this update, remember - I post as frequently as I can (and as often as I remember) on my Twitter, which has recently been unbanned.
Check me out here: https://twiter.com/WhiskeeDev

See you all next update post!

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Nice stuff!

Hey - its a great idea, I was thinking of a free for all game mode, very simmilar to this but just with ability to scale for more players. I’ve often done 1v1s with people and your right they are great fun!

Completely up to you but if you did want help I would be happy to lend a hand (I am very new to modding but have made a few, admittedly terrible, games in unity which is C#). Maybe more generally host it on Github oe and then people could contribute to it to help out and test?

Great idea and cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Edit: just realised you first posted about 3 months ago : ) but still happy to help

Hey everyone, Whiskee again.

First off, I just realised - I have no idea if people actually get informed when I do these updates… For all I know I may be shouting into a void :sweat_smile:

Regardless - Here’s another quick update post!

First up - new models!


ok so I totally made this to use in another game - Tower Unite, but despite being so simple I liked it so much that I decided to keep it and copy it over into my current S&Box projects.

I only made the one size… and the one finish… yeah… I’ll probably do more in the future. Also for those who don’t recognise this shelf it’s an actual piece of furniture from Ikea, known as the Kallax, they’re simple but surprisingly versatile because of their simplicity. (I have no idea if I’m allowed to even model Ikea furniture and use it, but guess we’ll find out when Ikea send me a cease and desist)

G E N E R I C _ G A M E _ C O N S O L E ™

So straight up - this looks absolutely terrible and I’m so sorry for causing pain to your eyes to view it.

I was being way too carefree when making this model and screwed in a bunch of places - towards to end I was just brute-forcing it to completion just so I could get a “decent” screenshot.
I will revisit this, I promise, I want to grow my catalogue of models and eventually, I’ll make a number of them free (I know it’s a pain in the ass the find decent models, so I’m happy to make mine free seeing how they’re meh)

Second bit - Rebranding and Open-source

Name change

I had a few complaints about the original name, OvO. Apparently, people are fine with the full name of One versus One, but people have said things in the s&box discord about the OvO tag. Luckily, when coming up with the names there was another which I used mainly as a project name before I settled on OvO - Combat Training Live or CTL for short.

I’ve decided to switch to using the Combat Training Live [CTL] name instead, to hopefully put people at ease with the name and tag, but also to differentiate the gamemode from the original Garry’s Mod version - especially now that the planned gamemode is noticeably different.

Going open-source

I had already originally planned to go open-source with OvO/CTL, but my original plan was to do it once the gamemode was already working. I’ve decided to open it up now in case people want to contribute, see progress, or just take a copy for themselves to work on their own version - whatever you want.

You can find more info on our Github Repo, I’d recommend having a read of the readme to get a good understanding of what is planned.

Final bit of news

bit of a bummer

So, I’ve had some developments within my Family. I won’t go into the details of it because I’m not really one for drama or spreading my entire life online, but basically, this is the reason my progress has been slow recently.

I absolutely intend to keep working, but with what’s going on sometimes it’s hard to find days where I’m properly motivated or in the right mindset.
It’s not uncommon for me to be free, and raring to work - but not be in a creative mindset to be able to work on a blender model or work on one of our maps.

Sorry to bum everyone out with this, but I wanted people to know I had a reason and I’m not just slacking off! I promise I will continue to work on CTL, and I hope to try to bring on more people to help in the future.

~ WhiskeeDev

Update Post #4

Evening Everyone!

I planned this update post yesterday, but I either forgot to post it or passed out from staying up late… still not sure which, if I’m frank :sweat_smile:

Let’s jump right into things

Since I’ve gotten access to S&Box (about five days now, give or take), I’ve started laying the foundations for several projects - but most importantly, I’ve been getting things started with CTL (Combat Training Live).

I’ve spent several sessions discussing ideas and brainstorming a general document to follow with members of the TopHat Network™ Community. If you want to join in on these discussions, by the way, you can join the discord here.

BTW, I’m thinking of maybe starting to stream again over on Twitch. If you’re interested in me streaming development/mapping, then let me know!

The Waiting Room [map]

As the name suggests, the waiting room is a waiting room (thank you for coming to my TED Talk) .

In all seriousness - The Waiting Room is the first map you’ll connect to when joining CTL. That’s right, joining - in CTL, we plan to use Custom Networking, and the waiting room will act as our Lobby where players will join, view ongoing matches, start new games, customise stuff, etc.

It’s ambitious, especially seeing how we’ve yet to create the WebSocket server necessary to make this work (at the moment, I’m reverse-engineering the Towns gamemode to figure things out). Still, unless we strike this out as being impossible within the next week or two, this is how we plan to continue.

Oh, btw, those that already have access to S&Box can access to map right now. We’ve pushed it into Hot Release for people to play and test. If you have any feedback, please let me know!


Ok so, I’ve crap when it comes to lore and story writing. I failed English twice in school - and it’s my first language!

That being said, however, I thought it would be cool to get some backstory/lore/an explanation for what is going on in CTL and why everyone is gunning at each other. Plus, it will be beneficial with player characters/classes, which you can read about in the next section .

Once a build of CTL that we’re comfortable with is in place, I intend to contact an Author and Game Designer I’ve worked with in the past via Fiverr. They’re brilliant at what they do and have made content for me in the past, so I’m confident they’ll make something cool out of CTL yet!

My current idea for the story is that “Fighters” are taken from different points in time and reality to compete against each other. None of them truly know who brought them or why. However, what they do know is to return to their worlds, they must survive.

Of course, though, this is all subject to change.

Player Characters/Classes

One suggestion we got was to implement different Characters/Classes into CTL. Initially, I was a bit hesitant. However, it slowly dawned on me that while our 1v1 game type is a match of skill (same loadout, abilities, etc.), other game types might benefit from different classes to spice things up.

Of course, though, like I always say - the key focus will be customizability. If you want to play 1v1 with different classes, you can. Want to play 5v5 CTF with no respawns, but everyone only has a machete and no abilities? Sure, why not!

Here is a quick rundown of the characters/classes we have so far - bearing in mind these are all subject to change and are just “ideas” mostly, for now.


Based on the original abilities of the Gmod OvO gamemode .

The Hexer is a mage type character who specialises in Dark Magic. Their special ability, Spectre, allows them to summon the power of a spectre to render themselves invulnerable and faster temporarily. However, in exchange, they are slowly drained of their soul, weakening them (drains HP).


A steampunk dwarf with bionic limbs. Yeah, I’ve not written much for this character yet… Think of Torbjorn from Overwatch with the powers of Winston. His Ability Rage Boosts his health, speed and stamina, making him much more difficult to kill - but he can only use melee-based attacks.


Comunnity Creation, they were really pleased with this one .

A Soviet soldier from a different timeline where, during WW2, Russia’s push back on Germany continued past succession and began a total invasion of all non-compliant countries.

I haven’t created an ability for Comrade yet, and the members who came up with him didn’t have any suggestions - I think they just really wanted a Russian character smh…

Current Roadblocks

No development is complete without its roadblocks! I can definitely confirm; we’ve got some… like a few…

Firstly, WEAPONS … These have honestly had me stumped since like day 1. I’ve looked at the Sandbox gamemode, and the weapons were too heavily tied into other systems like tools and collectable etc.

If anyone has any suggestions or wants to help out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Secondly, obviously, we’ve not started work on the Custom Networking yet. Currently, I’ve been reverse-engineering Towns to create the WebSocket server, but it would be nice if I could get my hands on any example servers… cough cough, wink nudge?

I think that’s everything for now. Wow, this was a massive update to write, and I feel so happy to have S&Box access and work on these projects.

This project has honestly rekindled my love for game development. I genuinely hope that I get some sort of opportunity in the future to move away from my current career in Web Development/Software Engineer into Game Development. It’s always been my dream.

Hey, maybe I should send Facepunch another application? I think I’m on my, what, 4th now? I kinda lost count…

_ anyway, _ please leave comments and let me know your thoughts, opinions and feedback - I always read it and try to reply when I can! If you want to assist with the development, join our discord and hit me up!

Yeet ya later,