i cried

Do you even understand your own work?

When you make these are you on lots and lots of drugs?

permaban for PUI jail for possession

Can’t really tell if deep or just plain nonsensical.

I think this is a metaphor as to why furries exist

modern art

It’s really an advert for breath mints.

Get good breath, kill the fuck out of werewolves with it.


i think i somewhat get it, the woman is a vampire and she sacrifices her blood in order to cure the werewolf of his ailment, but in the end he remains a werewolf despite her sacrifice.


no wait she lures him into killing and eating her in order for him to survive


Reminded me of Interview with a Vampire.


Possible explanation for these pictures.

  1. I went overboard with drugs.
  2. You went overboard with drugs.
  3. Facepunch turned into a Creepypasta image board.


How come no one here wonders who nnlr is in the first place?

Whoa, that’s was awesome!