OW soldiers patrolling in an abandoned factory complex

Comic thingy, but not an actual comic, so I post this here. Posing and editing test mostly.


Pretty cool.

Nothing bad about it that I can notice.

I liked it, what guns are those?

Found some cool Combine-style weapon replacements for HL2 RPG, SMG, pistol, shotgun and AR-2.

Good posing, I like it. the angle in the first picture makes the legs of the soldier to (our) left look weird though, as if just one thick leg if you don’t look properly.

The garbage all around is a bit random, and the corridor is quite blank, but the latter may be intentional and does fit the mood in a way. the light editing isn’t too good I’m afraid. too 2D, and even misplaced at times.

Definitely artistic. For once I find such heavy blurring is justified.

Nice use of DoF


link us brother

who is giving everyone a dumb rating? it gets annoying

It’s some spammer. Nice posing. And for GoldenGnome: these guns are in the release section under “Alex Vestin’s EP2 pack” or something quite similar.

I wanna see you try better. If you succeed, you can say that. If you fail, I’ll come to your thread and say “lame”.



I’m pretty sure they’re these. Someone hinted me off of them, seem to fit the description.